Through mediation or litigation, Jennifer seeks to obtain the best possible settlement or judgment for her clients, including fair distribution of assets, division of the marital home, child support payments and child custody rights.

Criminal Law

Getting arrested is an embarrassing and horrifying experience. It can affect every aspect of your life, including your bank account, your job and the relationship you have with your family.

Family Law

Advocating for your family’s rights Jennifer Espronceda is passionate about helping Texas families with their family law issues. Whether anticipating the joys of marriage or experiencing the pain of domestic conflict, Jennifer creates solutions.

People may hire a San Antonio family lawyer for any number of reasons. A couple about to get married might want a prenuptial agreement. Blended families that include children from previous marriages have their own unique legal needs as well. Jennifer Espronceda has been a respected family law attorney for many years, so she’s ready to take on any legal issue that could impact the formation of your new family. Being a lifelong resident of San Antonio, family lawyer Jennifer Espronceda knows the local court system and has good working relationships with her fellow attorneys. That means she can offer excellent representation for all your family law needs.

In the event of divorce, the right San Antonio family lawyer should be ready to spring into action to defend and protect your rights and those of your children. As a divorce attorney, Jennifer Espronceda can help ensure that you have a strong advocate who knows how to help the courts see your side of the situation. Divorce is far more than just paperwork. It can impact your future financial wellbeing and that of your children as well. Divorce may involve division of assets, child conservatorship, visitation, even the amounts of spousal or child support may come into question. Having an experienced family law attorney like Jennifer Espronceda on your side can make all the difference.

Every family has its own unique set of circumstances, which is why finding the right San Antonio family lawyer is so important. You want someone who is willing to listen to your story and understand the full picture. An attorney should help you feel secure in how you’re moving forward, so you can make informed choices for you and your family. A family law attorney isn’t just for bad times: they can help with adoptions, family-owned businesses — all the things that make families work can be helped along with the right San Antonio family lawyer. For a consultation, contact Jennifer Espronceda.

Our Mission

At Espronceda Law, we focus on your needs to provide the most effective legal solutions. With our diverse background in a multitude of practice areas we can guide you through the thicket of legal issues in a manner specifically tailored to meet your needs, individually or corporately.

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