Through mediation or litigation, Jennifer seeks to obtain the best possible settlement or judgment for her clients, including fair distribution of assets, division of the marital home, child support payments and child custody rights.

Criminal Law

Getting arrested is an embarrassing and horrifying experience. It can affect every aspect of your life, including your bank account, your job and the relationship you have with your family.

Family Law

Advocating for your family’s rights Jennifer Espronceda is passionate about helping Texas families with their family law issues. Whether anticipating the joys of marriage or experiencing the pain of domestic conflict, Jennifer creates solutions.

Divorce Attorney San Antonio

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San Antonio divorce attorney Jennifer Espronceda provides family law legal services for divorcing families, child support, child custody, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements in Bexar County, TX and surrounding areas.

Espronceda Law brings dignity and respect to divorce and family law. By clearly explaining your options and providing thoughtful and long-term solutions, she can protect your rights and guide you toward meaningful resolutions.

Espronceda Law can help you with the following divorce and family law matters:

Divorce Mediation vs Litigation

At Espronceda Law, the priority is to help you stay focused on making mindful decisions that will benefit your family in the long run. Sometimes, that can be accomplished through mediation, and other times, it means moving forward through litigation.

If the divorce is uncontested or you and your spouse agree on several issues, you may be able to resolve the remaining issues in dispute through mediation. Jennifer Espronceda helps divorcing couples discuss their issues while serving as a neutral third party. She can facilitate meaningful conversations and help guide you both toward creative and fair solutions that everyone is happy with.

If your divorce is contested or agreeable solutions cannot be found, then litigation may be necessary. Jennifer Espronceda will represent you through the litigation process, focusing on protecting your finances, children, property, and future.

San Antonio’s Family Law Attorney

Whether it’s contested or uncontested, divorce should never be handled alone. Even amicable divorces can quickly take a turn for the worse.

No matter where you are at in the process, whether divorce was already filed or you are considering all your options, you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of Jennifer Espronceda. She truly understands the concerns of divorcing couples and will treat your situation with the dignity and respect it deserves.