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Jennifer Espronceda - Attorney at Espronceda Law, PLLC

Hi, I'm Jennifer

I was born and raised in San Antonio. I am licensed by the Texas Supreme Court and I ensure that people in the community have a fair and honest legal representation. My law firm, Espronceda Law, PLLC, handles a variety of family law cases, including divorce, child support, and child support modifications.

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Why you should hire me

You need an experienced, highly skilled attorney who listens to you and finds the solution that best serves your needs.

Jennifer Espronceda

Since graduating from the most prestigious law school in Texas, Jennifer has practiced family law for more than ten years, serving hundreds of clients and logging many hours in hearings and trials. As a result, she knows most of her fellow lawyers in the area and has earned their respect.

Strategies and solutions

Jennifer proposes strategies and solutions based on what you wish to achieve, be it a custody arrangement, an adjustment in support obligations, or an equitable division of marital assets. Jennifer answers your calls and messages herself. When she is unavailable due to court obligations, her team will reach out to you.

Close Attention Pleading

Jennifer pays close attention to every pleading, communication, and piece of evidence, so that no opportunity or risk is overlooked. She is a detail-oriented attorney who prepares for court in advance to ensure you the best possible result. When you have so much at stake, you cannot afford to have a lazy lawyer with a casual attitude.

Creative problem solver

Jennifer is a creative problem solver. Often, the best possible solution is not the obvious one. Jennifer looks for opportunities to craft a novel solution that fits your needs when the usual approach may not fit your circumstances.

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