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Historically, fathers have had the odds stacked against them in divorce cases.

In fact, statistics show that only 17 percent of fathers get child custody following a divorce. And nearly half of all fathers without custody and visitation rights are still required to pay financial support. This is true of both contested and uncontested divorces. But science and psychology tell us that none of these approaches are good for the kids. That’s why divorce lawyers for men are becoming more common and increasingly more important.

Fathers facing divorce in San Antonio, TX, can take deliberate steps to protect their rights.

Actions To Take:

Family law experts recommend that fathers be as engaged in their child’s lives as possible, including knowing pertinent details such as:

  • School and extracurricular activities
  • Names of friends, teachers, and coaches
  • Medical information (such as allergies and pediatricians’ names)

Divorce lawyers for men also suggest that fathers demonstrate and keep records of their involvement in their children’s lives. This may include:

  • Homework help
  • Meal preparation
  • Attending school and sporting events
  • Discipline and guidance
  • Attending appointments
  • Quality time

Finding a family law attorney who knows that fathers can be nurturing, involved parents is a great first step in protecting your rights as a father. What else should divorcing dads do to ensure their parental rights are respected?

We recommend that fathers know all pertinent details about their children. This includes (but is not limited to) school and extracurricular schedules, medical or health issues like allergies or medications taken, and who their friends are. Dads seeking managing conservatorship may be asked to demonstrate their involvement in their children’s daily lives.

Keep Records

Keep a record of all your activities related to parenting, including homework help, meal preparation, attending school or sport events, clothes shopping, enforcement of rules, driving to doctor, dental, or other appointments, doing activities together, etc. Having an extensive list of your involvement will make it easier for a judge to see your impact on your kids.

Many divorce lawyers for men also recommend that you do your best to remain civil to your ex. Threats of withholding support payments or of violence, or even raised voices in front of the kids can hurt your standing. Focusing on the best interest of your children includes not denigrating their mother, no matter how you may feel about her at the time. Divorce lawyers for men often suggest not bringing up support payments at all until issues of conservatorship are settled.

If you’re a father facing divorce, Jennifer Espronceda has trial experience as a divorce lawyer for men. A quick consultation can help explain your rights and strategize for a successful outcome that will benefit both father and child.

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How much does divorce cost?

Basic filing fees are $344 in Bexar County for cases involving kids.

How long does divorce take?

Divorces are granted no less than 60 days after the petition, but circumstances usually make the process last somewhere between six and nine months.

How long do I have to live in San Antonio before I can file for divorce?

You must live in Bexar County for at least 90 days and Texas for the previous six months.