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Divorce can be very emotional, even if you’re the one who initiated it. It may be challenging to reach an agreement, especially if there are children involved. That’s why it’s important to find a divorce attorney who understands the legal process and strongly advocates for you. So how do you choose the right divorce attorney in Texas? Here are six things you can do to help you find an attorney:

Do your research

Finding the right divorce attorney should involve some research. You’ll want to get background information on your potential representation. This can include their qualifications and credentials, education, and their record with previous clients. Ideally, you’ll want to find one with experience dealing with situations like yours. 

Know what you’re looking for

As you do your research, also keep in mind what kind of attorney you’re comfortable working with. Many lawyers work on family law cases, but not all of them have experience with your type of case. If it is a high-conflict case, or there are children are involved, you may want to find one with hands-on experience (and success) handling these types of cases. Also, know what kind of representation you want from your divorce attorneys such as their ability to handle mediation, litigation, or out-of-court negotiations.

Interview potential divorce attorneys

Once you’ve found some potential attorneys, interview your top choices. Try to find an attorney who understands and respects your needs and wishes. Also, look for one that you are comfortable working with. You will share a lot of personal information with your attorney, so it’s important to find one you feel will work well with. 

Consider the costs of the attorneys

Know your budget in advance. Texas is a community property state and so you and your soon-to-be-ex have equal rights to marital assets. This could limit your resources until the divorce is finalized. Find out your attorney’s fee structure upfront so you can choose an attorney that fits within your budget and better prepare for the costs involved. 

Be mindful of red flags

You’ll want to find a divorce attorney who is capable, empathetic, and professional. If a potential attorney makes big promises that seem unrealistic or too good to be true, they probably are. Or, if you come across negative information on the attorney during your research, such as blemishes to their record or bad reviews, you may want to keep looking. 

Follow your gut

If you meet with multiple divorce attorneys, you will find that each one has their own personality and style of doing things. You will spend a good amount of time working with this person and will undoubtedly have lots of questions concerning your case. You want to work with an attorney you can trust to advocate for you and your family. And you want an attorney that you are comfortable confiding in on such personal issues. The process will be much smoother if you feel like working with an ally in your corner on this. 

Jennifer Espronceda is a Texas divorce attorney who was born and raised in San Antonio who cares about her divorce clients. She will answer your questions and clearly explain the options so that you can make informed choices. Contact Espronceda Law for more information.