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Stop Your Search for Lawyers in San Antonio

By February 28, 2018 October 27th, 2023 No Comments

Finding the best lawyers in San Antonio is no easy task. There are many of them out there, and their qualifications may seem mystifying to anyone who hasn’t worked with lawyers before. Before you continue your quest to find the right lawyer for you, take a look at these tips to make your search easier.

Beware of huge law firms.

Not only are large law firms often more expensive, but they’re more likely to hand off aspects of your case to associates, paralegals, or even clerical staff. Worse, they may do this while charging you as if a top lawyer was handling it.

Instead, consider smaller firms where you can speak to lawyers directly. When it comes to family lawyers in San Antonio, many clients feel more comfortable with smaller law firms or even an individual practice.

A degree is not a skill set.

Are you more impressed when you see that a lawyer has gone to an ivy league school? Keep in mind that an ivy league degree is acquired by earning grades — not by doing legal work in real cases. Much like passing the bar involves excessive memorization, it’s possible to get an impressive-looking law degree without any real courtroom experience or skill.

Instead, seek out lawyers in San Antonio who have experience with cases like yours or who specialize in family law. An experienced family law attorney is better able to help you than an inexperienced one with a fancy-sounding degree.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The lawyer you hire should feel as comfortable answering your questions as you feel answering theirs. It’s okay to ask how much their services will cost and how long the case may take. Even the best family lawyers in San Antonio won’t be able to tell you exact numbers, but they should provide a clear estimate.

Your goal is to find an experienced family law attorney who fits your budget and is easy to talk to. Jennifer Espronceda is an accomplished family lawyer who is passionate about helping families. To arrange a consultation with Espronceda Law, use this contact form.